[Homemade/ SelfiePack] Microbikini

Hello! This is a SELFIE SET, Selfie sets don't have HD shoots, they are exclusive for homemade content! But in genereal, my Selfie content are a extra and a content for who like homemade content, but they are more softer than the hd content! 

~ My Selfie packs can contain 25 to 35 items with cellphone photos and gifs/videos. CONTENT: Safe for work [cute pics], sensual and sexy/lewd. 

Friendly reminder: Photos will be sent by link via e-mail MANUALLY in 1-3 days after payment is confirmed! All photos will contain a watermark in low opacity with the name/e-mail of the customer. Photosets with nipples are exclusive for Patreon!

Payment refund won't be accepted, because it's digital content, so PLEASE read carefully and think before purchasing. 

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USD 12.00

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