Selfie Pack

Selfie Pack

Selfie pack, with 30 items with cellphone photos and gifs/videos. CONTENT: Safe for work [cute pics], sensual and sexy/lewd. Please send me a note with which pack you want to receive.

Hello! About the packs:

Selfie content are my homemade [LQ] content. They are cellphone pics, gifs and videos with SFW, sensual and lewd content.

>Selfie Pack contain 28 to 35 homemade items per Pack, they are content of my photoshoots!

>The “Selfie SET” are Selfie Pack with 30 to 35 homemade items with visual or lingeries that don’t have HD set, it’s only selfie content!

PLEASE send me a note with which pack you want!

Photos will be sent by link via e-mail MANUALLY in 1-3 days after payment is confirmed and and after you let me know what pack you want.

SELFIE PACKS available [please chose one of them]:

Pack #01: At the beach!!! All content at the beach! Also contains Plum Siren & Saber cosplay pics

Pack #02: CherryUP!, Midnight Violet [Black pantyhose], Mermaid Bikini, Galaxy Bun and Flowers

Pack #03: Bridal Princess Peach & tennis cosplay, Sakura Haruno cosplay and Sassy Bunny

Pack #04: Wet TShirt2 [Green cropped without bra [does not contain topless] and some bathtub photos] + Bodysuit, fishnet and bandaid pasties pics.

Pack #05: Yuuna cosplay [Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna San]

Pack #06: Lilith cosplay [DarkStalkers]

Pack #07: Xmas!! Cottony and Ann Xmas gifs

Pack #08: Kakegurui mashou?! Jabami Yumeko e Kirari Momobami cosplays

Pack #09: Lewd trip! Content I did in my vacations. + Dahlia selfies

Pack #10: Catherine~ Cosplay + Lace

Pack #11: Daoko[Girl] cosplay + Mememe cosplay

Pack #12: Pet time! Mimiky Bunny, Mimikitty e Akat


Note of my regular sets:They are sexy/lewd photography, I DO NOT show intimate parts in my photos. Photosets with nipples and implied nudity are exclusive for Patreon! All photos will contain a watermark in low opacity with the name/e-mail of the customer.

Payment refund won't be accepted, because it's digital content, so PLEASE read carefully and think before purchasing. 🙂

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